To keep things turning longer. Gear wheels in wind turbines
To stop your trousers from slipping. Clips for braces
To give you a safe landing. Landing gear for aircraft
To enable longer and deeper digging Wheel sets, hydraulic cylinders and gear wheels in construction vehicles.
To give you full thrust. Turbine blades in aircraft engines
To keep everything in orbit. Fuel tanks on the Ariane space rocket
To keep everything together and ensure the proper transfer of forces. Screws and gear wheels in shipbuilding.
To keep everything flowing! Stents in medical engineering
To allow smooth cushioning, controlled steering and safe braking in all types of vehicle. Spring clamps, camshafts and brake pads in vehicle engineering
To ensure that vehicle bodies stay in shape. Aluminium die-casting moulds for the automobile industry
To keep everything on the right track. Tracks for coal excavators
To keep things sharper for longer. Industrial cutting blades
To ensure safe suspension. Traction sheaves for cable cars
To keep everything firmly anchored. armature elements for oil rigs


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