Induction hardening

Induction hardening is one of the methods used for surface hardening: the component is heated locally up to austenitization temperature by means of electromagnetic induction and then quenched until the required hardness structure is formed. Even complex-shaped workpieces can be partially hardened without changing the rest of the component. In addition, we offer the expertise for the respective inductor and develop and build this tool for inductive heating in-house.

Sustainability factor:
In induction hardening, the required energy is used partially, i.e. it is only used at the points where the component is hardened. This saves energy. The process is also fully electric, which allows renewable energies to be utilised.

A number of frequency ranges (HF/ZF/MF) are available for a wide variety of applications
Ideal for complex-shaped workpieces
Targeted, partial hardening possible
Adapted tool development for inductive heating