Low-pressure carburizing

In this process, the application is hardened under vacuum in combination with a fully integrated oil quenching system. The process is suitable for all classic case hardening steels (e.g. 16MnCr5 or 18CrNiMo7-6). The furnaces can achieve carburizing temperatures of up to 1,050 °C. Thanks to oil quenching, this technology can also harden all hardened and tempered steels, ball bearing steels and tool steels without oxidation.

Sustainability factor:
The process meets the most stringent requirements in terms of occupational and environmental protection. The process has no direct emissions and can be operated on renewable energies.

High, uniform component quality
Shiny and oxidation-free surfaces
High component cleanliness
Very low dimensional changes
Even carburizing of small holes, blind holes or narrow gaps